We can offer you full corrosion protection services for any industry


   Our extensive experience of blasting and coating services, help us to provide the best and most efficient solutions for your requirements.

   We provide all types of services, from a proper steel surface preparation – such as sandblasting, hydroblasting, mechanical treatment or cleaning – till the proper applying of protective coating ( either airless or roll and brush painting techniques) and highly skilled workforce to perform the job.


    Apllied to

    Surface Treatments and Coatings for anti-corrosive protection of new constructions and maintenance or repairs – either they are industrial structures/ buildings, heavy machinery or naval constructions.

    For any industry such as: naval industry, metallurgical industry, oil & gas refineries and so on.


   Work force

    Our skilled and experienced blasters and industrial painters had successfully completed a wide range of important projects.

    We can offer you the workforce to perform blasting and coating services such as blasters, hydroblasters, industrial painters skilled for airless painting or stripe coating jobs, cleaners skilled for mechanical surface preparation or other kind of workers ( by request).

   We can provide to our clients a professional quality job with a minimized cost.


    Blast Soltech as a prime Surface Treatments and Protective Coatings Contractor supplies complete customized solutions for industrial erosion and corrosion protection. Whether the requirements are industrial or marine coatings we have the professional, experienced teams ready to help plan and execute the blasting and coating needs.

    Our extensive experience in surface treatment and coating services, helped us to provide the best and most efficient solutions and skilled workforce for our clients. Whether it’s maintenance or new construction our team of experts is dedicated to deliver quality, reliability and durability.