Water jet Cleaning

Surface treatment – environmentally friendly cleaning method

High Pressure Water jet Cleaning




Among the other surface cleaning methods we use, the High Pressure WaterJet Cleaning solution, it’s all about water! Check Our Services!

This cleaning method is certainly feasible even in hard-to-access areas!  

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning method provides careful and reliable removal of dirt and deposits for industrial application. 

BlastSoltech High Pressure WaterJet Cleaning systems use water in conjunction with compressed air.

We can reach the smallest of cracks, corners and any unevenness.

Most commonly we perform High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning to maintenance or refurbishment settings. It removes severe marine fouling, loose paint and rust as well as other deposits. It cleans exposing the original substrate. 
Therefore high pressure water jetting is suitable for cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces and materials. 

Given that, we brake down, remove dissolve insoluble substances such as oil, dispersion or mineral colours, as well as stubborn deposits.  

Tell us what is your cleaning project and we will choose the appropriate method which works best for your project requirements. 

All it takes to be in line with cleaning standards is to ask for cleaning to be done by BlastSoltech!

We often use High Pressure Water Jet to clean many areas, being efficient, environmentally friendly.

Waterjet Cleaning Method also removes severe ash, fouling, burned oil deposits, lime scale, petrochemicals, stains, vegetation and other foreign matter.

Blast Soltech Professionals carry out the Pressure Waterjet cleaning method clearing loose scale, loose rust, marine growth, residues, any loose material or paint and product accumulation as well at lower pressures.

Ask for BlastSoltech services!