Do you need more staff or workforce for your coating project?

Blast Soltech experienced professionals are your staff-increase solution.

  • Sandblasters (skilled for wet or dry abrasive blasting)
  • Industrial Painters (skilled for airless and manual coating)
  • Cleaners (skilled for mechanical surface preparation, chemical cleaning)
  • Other types of workers ( by request).

workforce industrial painters sandblasters professionals

We’ll do the work for you!


Surface Treatment and Industrial Painting


Industrial painters, industrial cleaner, industrial sprayers and sandblasters, construction painters and foreman

Blast Soltech provides you professionals who to carry out the surface treatment & coating activities for your project demands.

We offer you staff-increased solution – dedicated to European shipyards as well to any other industrial sector.

Our professionals are experienced skilled workers to perform dry or wet abrasive blasting, mechanical treatment (power-tool cleaning and hand-held tool cleaning), hydroblasting and industrial painting for coating against corrosion.

We have the resources needed to complete a well-done job!

At the same time, our  industrial extensive experience and technical expertise help us deliver to European shipyards as well to any other industrial customer the most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions. 

Above all, together with our CRAFTERS we support our PARTNERS to develop their projects and to grab their market opportunities.

Consequently, we are able to supply our partners professionals in the full cycle of the surface treatment and coating process.

Blast Soltech supplies highly-experienced workforce. We have the clear understanding of every individual Client’s needs.

In addition, as our PARTNER you will have the guarantee to always work with the best Craftsmen and Technicians.

Moreover, we are committed to quality and customer needs. We act with the aim to ensure our customer’s satisfaction through quality services, cost effective solutions and error-free performance.

Therefore, we provide you the workforce outsourcing solution at operational level. So, our PARTNERS benefit of our work action ethic in collaboration. 

Thus, with Blast Soltech workforce you will reach your plans.

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