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We are constantly looking for experienced professionals, either they are Sandblasters, Industrial Painters or Cleaners.

Moreover, Blast Soltech has available positions for everyone, skilled or unskilled workers – from starters to work to those with years of experience.


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Currently we have the following positions available: 

  • Sandblaster
  • Industrial Painter
  • Cleaner
  • Support Worker

There is a place for everyone – from work starters to those with years experience.

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Angajăm – cetățeni 🇲🇩 Moldoveni și 🇺🇦Ucrainieni.

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We value our employees, they are the heart and soul of the company

Let’s introduce ourselves

We have a strong foundation – which includes dynamic teams with skilled workers and experienced leaders – to promote development and growth.

Further, focus, discipline and teamwork creates our success and joy. It binds us and makes us proudly different.

We are passionate about game-changing technologies.

Passively we invest in various concepts ranging between travels, game-changing technologies, advance features coating products  and puzzles of corrosion resistance.

Actively, when working together, we devote our days to steel protection against corrosion. Our area is surface preparation and substrate coating – leadership, having over 40 years of tracked record in successfully solving corrosion problems, and professionals, all together we manage and complete each coating challenge.

We promote our core values and often celebrate success. Thus, knowing you are appreciated is the easiest way to develop a beneficial environment to all of us where people enjoy coming to work and want to do their best.

We value and genuinely care about each and every single one of our employees.

You would want to be part of our group. So why not Blast Soltech?


You may find more about us on our facebook page.

Please email us  for more information or to submit a resume. You may find more about  current vacancies here.




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