We provide Priming and Industrial Painting, on site and in workshops –onshore or offshore, single or multiple-layer coating  application for protection againt corrosion of structure steelwork substrate .

Priming and Industrial Painting 

  • Priming
  • Full Coat
  • Touch Up
  • Stripe Coating
  • Marking
  • Epoxy flooring 

Airless coating or manual painting, known as brush/ roll painting, is carried out  by our professional, experienced industrial-painters to new-work or partial/total refurbishment (newbuilding/maintenance/conversion) of ships, industrial facilities, pipes, heavy-duty equipment, machinery.  

The quality of the surface preparation is essential for the durability of a coating system. Check our services!

The application of coating systems we performe is intended to protect against corrosion your assets placed in any environment of the five atmospheric corrosive categories for onshore (from C1, low class  to C4, high and C5 class, very high) or for offshore environments (CX corrosivity class) – to New Buildings and Repairs or Conversion, Industrial Equipment or Heavy Machinery.

Applied to any industry:  different types steel structures such as: hulls, tanks, holds, floating dock, cistern, bunker, containers, piping, halls and many other.

 We have the expertise and experience to work with any type of paint ( whether it is epoxy paint or silicone paint, as well as any other paint) single or multiple layer coating system whether they are anticorrosive, sealant, antifouling, enamels, pentguard / topcoat; regardless of the number of layers specified in the technical documentation and the mark of the manufacturer of paints used 

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