Industrial Services & Staff-increase solutions:

Industrial Surface Treatments & Coating Services

For the protection against corrosion of your assets as well as for the surface treatment and industrial painting requirements of your project, we perform a wide range of Surface Cleaning and Coating Services suitable for the demands of any industry.

Tell us where is located your coating project. Whether your asset or project are placed on shore or offshore, Blast Soltech professionals will do the work for you even are in Workshops or on site.

Regardless the type of surface, no matter if they are Industrial Facilities, Ships (Newbuilding/ Maintenance/ Conversion), Industrial Equipment or Heavy Machinery our industrial surface treatment and coating services comply with all requirements of applicable international standards.

Staff-increase Solution

For staff-increase demands of your project, Blast Soltech supplies Professionals who to carry out blasting and coating against corrosion activities – experiences Sandblasters & Industrial Painters

   We provide various surface treatments and industrial painting services for anti-corrosion protection, delivered by our profesionals at the highest quality standards.  

    Blast Soltech offers onshore and offshore professional solutions for surface preparation and application of the corrosion protection systems (from the low corrosivity environments to the most aggressive corrosive ones, from C1 to CH4 and C5 class mostly), which is why we respond quickly and efficiently to any industry requests.

    Applied to any industry and different types of steel structures such as hulls, tanks, holds, floating dock, cistern, bunker, containers, piping, halls, for industrial equipment or heavy machinery (whether they are for the naval industry or oil and gas and so on).

    According to   ISO 8501     ISO 8502     ISO 8503     ISO 8504     ISO 12944   standards

  • Dry abrasive blasting, known as grit blasting
  • Wet abrasive blasting
  • Water blasting, known as hydro blasting (UHP watwr jetting)
  • High-Pressure water jet cleaning (HPWJ)
  • Low-pressure water jet cleaning (LPWJ)



  • Power-Tool Cleaning (needling, chipping, brushing, bristle blasting)
  • Hand-Tool Cleaning (de-scaling, hammering, scraping, wire-brushing)
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Dust removal 

The performance of a coating system largely depends on bond strength between the clean steel substrate and the first coat, primer.

The abrasive blast cleaning being just about the only method that effectively removes millscale and provides a good surface profile.

Surface preparation is done to increase adhesion to coatings. Without good quality surface preparation, meaning ultra-clean and a proper profile, all coating systems will fail. It can be done mechanically or chemically, with different techniques, reaching different cleaning grades. Surface preparation processes are used for clearing surfaces of coatings, imperfections, residue, organic matters, oxidation, and other contaminants like salts. Abrasive is best used to create a surface profile needed for proper adhesion of coating systems.

Coating failure generally occurs at the steel – primer interface, hence the importance of a surface profile to maximise the bond area. The greater the profile, the greater will be the surface area and the stronger the mechanical and chemical bond. If the steel is smooth, however, then adhesion of the coating is entirely dependent on a chemical bond, which can vary enormously from product to product.

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Tell us what your blasting project is and we will let you know which surface treatment will work best for you and give the best adhesion possible.

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  • Priming
  • Full Coat
  • Touch Up
  • Stripe Coating
  • Marking
  • Epoxy flooring 

We have the expertise and experience to work with any type paint, single or multiple layer coating system

Ask for Blast Soltech services for priming and industrial painting requirements of your projects! Our industrial painters, experience professionals will do the work for you!

In industrial environments, where daily surface wear and exposure to physical and chemical agents is greater, the choice of the coating system and the proper application of the industrial paints are critical when performing a painting or re-painting job to achieve optimum finish, resistance and durability over time.

Industrial coatings appear everywhere. They protect against corrosion a various array of products, wear and tear and decay. Also they bringing an aesthetic and colorful appearance to the coated surface or product.

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