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Blast Soltech provides professional services for surface treatment  and coating against corrosion – blasting, priming and industrial painting – to any industry.

Our services vary from proper surface preparation – grit blasting, wet blasting, hydroblasting, mechanical treatment, chemical cleaning – to suitable coating application as well as experienced workforce to perform the job.

Blast Soltech is the company you can trust when it comes to quality coating services and skilled workforce for soution of your project requirements!

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Choose one of Our Solution which is most appropriate one suitable for your project requirements:

  • For staff-increase requirement of your coating project

Blast Soltech supplies you Professionals who to carry out blasting and industrial painting activities.

  • For  anti-corrosion protection of your asset or coating project’s requirements

– Blast Soltech provides you cleaning, surface treatmentpriming and industrial painting services.

The extensive experience in the industrial field helps us deliver the best and most efficient solutions to customer project requirements of surface treatment and industrial painting.

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Our services achieve a very high level of compliance with the requirements applicable industrial standards of the world-wide.

Whether the requirements are for  industrial, high or extremely corrosive environments (from C3 to C5 or CX corrosivity class), we fulfill your project demands.

Blast Soltech provides customized solutions for blasting and industrial coating maximizing the benefits while reducing the cost of our client’s project.

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Applicable to

Any industrial sector – shipbuilding, WTE facilities, oil & gas refineries, metallurgical industry and others.

Proper application of the coating system to industrial facilities, ships, heavy machinery and any other structure extends the service life and avoids damaging the assets used in various environments (from the low corrosive ones to the most aggressive corrosive).

To prevent them from becoming unfit for use and to avoid weakening the protective coating, the damaged layers have to be repaired or the entire coating system of the substrate to be rebuilt, as appropriate, to achieve their adequate protection against corrosion.





Long-term corrosion protections applied to: Newbuilding and Ship Repairs, Oil & Gas Tanks or Pipelines, Heavy Machinery, WTE conversion plant installations and any other type of indoor and outdoor steel structures exposed to aggressive industrial environments.


Our skilled workers have successfully completed a wide range of important projects.

When the requirements to protect steel structures against corrosion are for shipbuilding, plant facilities or other projects within the industry, we have the professionals, experienced teams who have technical knowledge. They are familiar with the relevant International Standards guidelines and demands dealing with surface preparation and corrosion protection by painting.

So, they are ready to help plan and execute the outdoor or indoor blasting and coating needs, on site or in workshops.

Furthermore, for your project’s demands of staff-increase we supply the necessary manpower who to perform your blasting and coating demands.

Ask for Blast Soltech Professionals:
  • sandblasters 
  • industrial painters
  • cleaners
  • any other (by request).

Regardless if the application is for maintenance or a new coating system, our team of professionals and experts is dedicated to deliver quality, reliability and durability.

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Airless Painting

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Annually we perform thousands of square meters of surface blasting of water and ballast tanks, chemical and fuel tanks and holds and other as many square meters of surface blasting of bunkers, hulls, containers, pipes or other industrial equipment and machinery prior to thousands of square meters of substrate painting. 

BS EN ISO 12944:2019

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