We can provide an extensive range of corrosion protection services which are delivered at the highest quality standards.  

    At Blast Soltech we are offering onshore and offshore professional solutions for surface preparation and application of corrosion protection systems ( from the low corrosivity environments, grade C1, to medium C5-I and C5-M/H or highly corrosive class), which is why we respond quickly and efficiently to any industry requests.

    Apllied to:  for any industry and diffrent type of steel structurers such as hulls, tanks, holds, floating dock, cistern, bunker, containers, piping, halls, for industrial equipment or heavy machinery ( whether they are from naval industry or oil and gas refineries and so on).

    According to   ISO 8501     ISO 8502     ISO 8503     ISO 8504     ISO 12944   standards

  • Dry or Wet Abrasive Blasting 
  • Hydroblasting
  • High or Low Pressure Water Jet Washing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Power Tool Cleaning or Hand Tool Cleaning
  • Dust removal 
  • Full Coat
  • Touch Up
  •  Stripe Coating
  • Marking
  • Priming surfaces  before painting
  • Epoxy flooring