We are currently hiring.

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Currently we have available the following positions: 

  • Blaster
  • Industrial Painter
  • Cleaner
  • Support worker

   At Blast Soltech we value our employees, they are our greatest resource. 

   If our employees are happy, they in return make our customers and co-workers happy. It’s a win-win for us. 

   We promote our core values and celebrate our victories often.

   We have a dynamic team of leaders and a strong foundation to promote development and growth. Knowing you are appreciated and valued is the easiest way to develop an environment where people enjoy coming to work and want to do their best. 

   You would want to be part of the Blast Soltech family. 

   So why not Blast Soltech? 

Please email us at office@blastsoltech.com for more informations or to submit a resume.

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