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Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning





Blast Soltech provides you the Grit Blasting solution as method of Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning for your project’s Surface Treatment requirements.

Dry abrasive blasting, also known as grit blasting, is one of the blasting techniques we often use.

Grit Blasting Services 

We perform Grit Blasting Services to prepare the substrates for a variety of Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning purposes.

Therefore we provide the Grit Blasting Services – commonly named as Sandblasting – for surface dry abrasive blast cleaning prior to coating against corrosion or for industrial cleaning purposes.

These range from general surface cleaning, restoration and build up of industrial facilities, ships or equipment to preparation of a substrate for subsequent painting, coating or lining through preparing large scale components and plant facilities for Non-Destructive Testing / Evaluation (NDT / NDE).

Annually we perform thousands of square meters of abrasive blasting. Our professionals have treated and cleaned various surface type of ships and industrial facilities: water and ballast tanks, chemical and fuel tanks and holds as well as bunkers, hulls, containers, pipes and other industrial equipment and machinery.
Blast Soltech Professionals are experienced Sandblasters, who are constantly trained to achieve a very high level of compliance with the requirements of applicable industry standards worldwide.

We carry out abrasive blasting works in accordance with (but not limited thereto) ISO 8501, ISO 8502, ISO 8502, ISO 8504, ISO 12944 standards and the corresponding SSPC/NACE standards.




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Choose Blast Soltech Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning Solution for your project’s surface treatment requirements for a well done job!

Abrasive blast cleaning is just about the only method that effectively removes millscale and provides a good surface profile.

Pressurized air is used to transport the abrasive to the nozzle. Abrasive media being propelled into the surface at high-velocity to clean or etch the surface. 

Grit Blasting, Sandblasting
Abrasive Blast Cleaning - Surface Treatment

The performance of a coating system largely depends on bond strength between the clean steel substrate and the first coat, primer. 

For the reparation of aged coating systems our sandblasters focus on abrading the surface, feathering terminal edges, and removing and loosely adhered coatings.